Our Trees


The Douglas Fir is a beautiful, full tree and is a best seller nationwide.  The Oregon grown Douglas Fir may defoliate in temperatures of freezing and below.


The Noble Fir is often referred to as the “Cadillac” of Christmas trees.  The Noble Fir has a more layered type branch structure and has a silvery-blue cast to its green color.  Nobles are also able to withstand all types of temperatures.


The Nordmann Fir is a beautifully symmetrical tree, full in structure with dark, glossy needles that are rounded.  The needle undersides give a silvery appearance.  With excellent needle retention, Nordmann Fir can withstand all climates.

Caring for your real christmas trees

Make a fresh cut on the butt of the tree to eliminate the seal and to allow the tree to absorb water.  The fresh-cut surface should be creamy-white, not yellow or brown.

Do NOT shave the sides of the tree trunk or tree butt to fit the tree into the tree stand.

If the tree is not going into the house immediately, it should be stored, with its butt in water, in a protected area where it will not freeze and is not exposed to sun and wind.

The Christmas tree you have selected should be protected from freezing conditions and heat at all times to insure the best quality tree possible.

Place the tree in a stand which will hold at least one gallon of water.  An average tree may consume between two pints and one gallon of water per day.  If the water drops below the butt, a seal will form which does not permit the tree to take in more water.  Water consumption is related to the butt diameter and not to height.

Place the tree away form heat sources such as vents, fireplaces, radiators or sunny windows.