About US


Emerald Christmas Tree Company is a family business that has been growing and shipping wholesale Christmas trees for over 50 years to major retailers around the world.

Customer Service

Call us old fashioned but we strive to set ourselves apart by providing top-notch customer service.  We are a small team but pride ourselves in our flexibility, organization and communication.  Our name, Emerald, does not just represent the deep green color of our trees but also the gemlike quality of our service.  We remember that as a customer you do have a choice and we will do everything possible to be your choice!

On Time Deliveries

We have cultivated relationships with reliable transportation carriers over the last few decades and work closely with them to bring our trees to market in a timely manner.  Because we utilize multiple loading sites, we are flexible with our scheduling and are able to get our shipments out in time.  We communicate with our drivers and customers throughout the delivery process to ensure shipments are received without issues.

Highest Quality

Because we do not run any retail lots, all of our best trees are available for our wholesale customers.  We hand select harvestable trees each Fall for consistent quality and we never clear-cut our fields.  We use helicopters to harvest our trees and load from multiple yards in order to ship our trees within 48 hours of cutting.  We transport using refrigerated carriers when traveling out of the west coast which helps our trees stay fresh.

It's not what's under the Christmas tree that matters, it's who's around it.
Charlie Brown